5 Cyclecar

Body Style:

Staggered Seat Roadster


4-cylinder, 12 hp, magneto ignition


2-speed transaxel






Body Construction:

Exterior Color:


Interior Color:


More Information:

The Woods Mobilette automobiles were built in Harvey, Illinois between 1913 and 1917. The car was touted as “America’s First Cyclecar”, one of over 233 cyclecar companies which existed in North America for only a short period of time. Mr. Francis A. Woods’s first Mobilette prototype Model No. 1 was built in 1910. Sometime during 1911-1912 he built the Model No. 2, which was powered by a four cylinder 12 HP air cooled engine. Model No. 3 was his first production model with both staggered seat (Sociable) and Tandem seating roadster being powered by a 12 HP water cooled Woods Mobilette engine. The Mobilette engines were foundered by several foundries over the course of production. The Model No’s. 4 – 4A’s consisted mostly of specialty small trucks both pickup and panel truck types. One of the founders of the practice of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Samuel L. Scher took very good care of this vehicle until the mid-60’s when it was taken in by Richard C. Paine Jr at the Seal Cove Museum. It was brought to our museum in 2008 in beautiful condition. Being a 1911, it is generously outfitted with brass brightwork, from the radiator shell and acetylene headlights to the E&J kerosene sidelights and taillight and brass tube windshield frame. It deservedly earned the AACA National First Prize plaque.