Body Style:

Five Passenger Touring Car


Inline, 4-cylinder, T-head valve arrangement, updraft carburetor, low tension magneto, 40 hp, cast iron cylinders are cast in pairs and mounted on an aluminum crankcase


3-speed manual




Wood artillery



Body Construction:

Steel ladder construction

Exterior Color:

Dark Blue

Interior Color:


More Information:

The Pierce-Racine Company was established in 1904 in Racine, WI. It was founded by Andrew J. Pierce who was a former engine superintendent at the Racine Hardware Company, which built engines for various farming and industrial use. In1909, sales were on the rise and Pierce reorganized the company with financial backing from area business men who were also prominent stockholders in the Case Threshing Machine Company, and changed the name to Pierce Motor Company. Sales of the Pierce began to dwindle and by 1911, the Pierce Motor Co. was purchased by the Case Company who would incorporate Pierce’s assets into a new car company using the name Case. This 1907 Model D is believed to be the sole remaining Pierce-Racine vehicle. In the early 1930s it was owned by the Pacific Automobile Rental Company in Los Angeles, CA who rented vehicles to the motion picture industry.

The vehicle was likely used in numerous films until the company went out of business in the 1980s and auctioned off its collection.

Note: This vehicle is currently not on display at the museum.