Gaudin 125-Key Dance Organdev_admin

Gaudin & Cie. (Paris, France)

This is the largest scale Gaudin organ known. During the ‘teens, Gaudin focused on building fairground organs with elaborate carvings and exposed brass trumpet pipes. In the 1920s, they shifted their emphasis to elaborate dance organs.

This example was found in England mostly intact but with moisture damage. It underwent total restoration by the world-renowned fourth-generation organ expert Johnny Verbeeck and his staff in Belgium, replicating parts as necessary. The musical scale was extended to include a full rank of massive bronze carillon bells, the largest of which weighs about 600 pounds! Attention to detail is extraordinary—from the gold leaf to the four nine-foot tall gold statues.
At one time these glorious organs were often used in traveling shows, including with companies that showed motion pictures in a tent behind the instrument. Playing a concert into a town square, a Gaudin organ would attract patrons from every direction.

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