Imhof & Mukle Barrel organ 1880dev_admin

Imhof & Mukle Barrel organ 1880

This instrument was made in German Black Forest town of Vohrenbeck. Imhof & Mulke instruments were known for their delicate tone and musicality. These instruments were played via the large barrel visible through the glass, the individual raised areas on the barrel caused each key to be played as the barrel rotated.

The company began as a clock making enterprise, the musical instrument product was a division that later became its own entity. The mechanism that created the air for the pipes and drove the barrel “reader” was an outgrowth of clock making machinery—weights were raised and as they pulled down cables they drove a movement not unlike a clock’s.

This particular instrument has been fitted with a modern electrical blower and MIDI playing system. A further addition is the Harpsichord to the right, it is plucked by solenoid-driven quills.

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