Mortier 97 Key Dance organ 1924dev_admin

Mortier 97 Key Dance organ 1924

This was instrument was designed to supply dance music in European dance halls, with a heavy beat and loud volume! These instruments were made in a modular fashion, comprised of five cabinets and side and top dress panels that came apart for transport. This particular instrument was moved and set up at 17 different fairs every year in its native Belgium.

The organ played originally by way of “Books”, stiff cardboard sheets hinged at the edges, with perforations, like a player piano roll. A Modern MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) unit was added at the time of its restoration to save wear and tear on the rare books and to allow for music from more recent times to be played on this instrument. Master Belgian organ builder Johnny Verbeek completely restored this instrument and added the MIDI player. Many of the more modern tunes heard from it are his own arrangements.

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