Wurlitzer Style 28-B PianOrchestra 1910dev_admin

Wurlitzer was an American musical instrument company that dated back to 1856. Their product offerings were diverse; they imported violins from Germany, manufactured pianos, band organs and theater pipe organs in great numbers.

The PianOrchestra seen here was an instrument they bought from Philips Company in Germany and branded with the Wurlitzer name. This particular instrument was built in 1910, Wurlitzer at one point refurbished it before shipping it to a Pennsylvania customer in 1919.

Built around the frame of a partially completed upright piano, the instrumentation includes Piano, with Mandolin attachment, 37 violin pipes, 18 Cello pipes, Xylophone, Orchestra Bells, Drums, Cymbal, Tambourine, Castanets, and Triangle, all controlled by its original Philips 6-roll changer.

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