Body Style:

Touring Runabout


117.8 CID, Horizontal Single-Cylinder Engine, 7bhp at 600rpm


2-speed planetary

Exterior Color:


Interior Color:


More Information:

This attractive Oldsmobile differs from the cars the company was famous for in its early years.  The Curved Dash Olds’ signature look in this era, but this Model N has what is termed a “French Front” – a more traditional look styled after cars from France.  Available only in 1904 and 1905, the Touring Runabout was powered by a 7 hp, single-cylinder engine of 1.9 litres. It was more upscale than the Curved Dash, featuring an Oldsmobile first: a steering wheel!  It cost $100 more than the Curved Dash at $750. It was available in either dark green or dark red.  Oldsmobile built 2,500 cars in 1904 between the Touring Runabout and a related model, the Light Tonneau.

This car was part of the General Motors Heritage Collection until 2011.

Note: This vehicle is currently not on display at the museum.