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72v electric motor

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During the early 20th century, electric automobiles flourished, constituting around 38% of vehicles on the roads. The Baker Motor Vehicle Co., founded in 1898 by Walter Baker in Cleveland, Ohio, played a pivotal role in this era. In a landmark event at the 1898 automobile show in Madison Square Garden, Baker showcased the nation’s first shaft-driven auto, later acquired by Thomas Edison. Subsequently, Baker merged with Rauch & Lang, a competitor, and acquired the Owen Magnetic Co. of New York by late 1915. Remarkably, Baker continues its legacy today, manufacturing electric vehicles.

One such historic specimen is the Baker Runabout, powered by a 72v electric motor and equipped with twelve 6v batteries, half of which are housed under the “hood” and the other half in the “trunk.” This particular model is believed to be the sole surviving Baker Runabout. Initially part of the Harrah collection, Ray Carr later acquired it. In 1986, Carr undertook a meticulous restoration project, returning the car to its original Midnight blue color with black/cream accents. A significant milestone occurred in 1995 when Carr, accompanied by his restored Baker, achieved recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records for completing a 3,100-mile journey from Astoria, OR, to Atlantic City, NJ, in just over a month.