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When the 40/50 horsepower “Silver Ghost” debuted in 1907 it was the most advanced motorcar money could buy. Centered on Henry Royce’s 7,428cc side-valve inline-six, the Silver Ghost was an engineering marvel. The cylinder block was built incredibly strong but was also light weight due to the use of an alloy crankcase. Royce’s engine had a crank that was shorter and stronger and was supported by seven large main bearings. Features like pressurized oiling, fixed heads to eliminate leaks, and a twin ignition system via magneto or distributor were advancements that set the Silver Ghost as the standard.

This 1912 Silver Ghost was once sold to the British Admiralty where it served war duty.  Throughout its life, it wore several bodies, which was not uncommon and it was often a chassis would outlast more than one body. In 1988, it was fitted with its current “Roi des Belges” or “Tulip Phaeton” body by Wilkinson, a style made popular the early 1900s by Barker.