Body Style:

Boattail Speedster


Continental Engine, 6-cylinder, L-head valve arrangement, side draft carburetor, distributor ignition, cylinders cast in a one piece mono-block which is mounted on an aluminum crankcase. Approximately 60 hp.




Stamped steel, ladder construction




Cast aluminum disc with demountable rims


Body Construction:

Wood framework with aluminum and steel overlay, cast-aluminum components, metal fenders

Exterior Color:

Blue with dark blue/purple fenders

Interior Color:


More Information:

Roy Meisenhelder owned Meisenhelder’s Sheet Metal, Auto and Body Works Company based in York, Pennsylvania where he repaired and customized cars.  It is said he built 4 unique, speedster automobiles using Paige-Detroit chassis.  Concept cars were built mainly generate enough enthusiasm in hopes of finding partnerships or funding to actually build them.  Sadly things didn’t go as he had hoped.

This roadster was built on a 1919 Paige Model 6-40 roadster with a 117” wheelbase.  The body was discarded and the chassis cut in half and stretched it by almost 2 feet, bringing the wheelbase to 140”.  Meisenhelder made his own unique patterns and cast many of the aluminum accessories seen on this car, including the hubcaps, interior items, and bumper brackets.  It is also equipped with a “Gas-O-Meter” on the instrument panel that shows five lights when the tank is full and fewer lights as the level dropped.  This unique and extremely rare automobile is believed to be the sole remaining example of the alleged 4 produced.