DV-32 LeBaron Sedan


Inline, 8 cylinder, DOC, 322 CID, 156 hp


3-speed sliding gear




Wire wheels


7.00 x 18"

Exterior Color:

Burgundy with yellow pinstripe and matching yellow wheels

Interior Color:

Brown/Gray cloth

More Information:

The Stutz Motor Car Company of Indianapolis, IN, used engineering knowledge and experience on the local Indy track for the production of the Stutz Bearcat from 1912 until 1924. The decision was made to enter the high-end luxury car market in 1926, and a new line of models were introduced featuring an improved 8-cyl. engine, low slung chassis, and product refinements to accommodate after-market, custom body installations. High performance V8, V12 and V16 engines were introduced into this market and Stutz lacked funds to directly compete. As an alternate move, Stutz re-designed the existing 8-cyl. engine by adding twin overhead cams plus 4-valve cylinder heads. The revised engine was designated as the DV-32 with a 156 hp. rating.