Body Style:

Convertible Coupe


Inline, eight-cylinder with L-head valve arrangement, downdraft carburetor, coil/distributor ignition, 120 hp, 282 CID


3-speed manual


Steel construction




Steel disc wheels



Body Construction:

Steel with wood inner structure, steel hood, cowling and fenders

Exterior Color:


Interior Color:

Green leather

More Information:

By 1941, Packard’s model line and had come to include the 110, 120, 160 and 180.  The Packard Twelve had been discontinued as demand had fallen off considerably.  It was replaced, however, with a 160-horsepower engine that proved to be very capable of filling the Twelve’s big shoes.  The new eight-cylinder motor was introduced as standard equipment on the 160 and 180 models, which rode on a longer wheelbase chassis and benefited from elegant, body designs.  The more affordable Packards were the Model 110 which was powered by a 100 horsepower, 6-cylinder engine and the Model 120 which was powered by a 120 horsepower, eight-cylinder engine.

This Packard carries one of eight body styles offered on the Model 120, the four passenger, convertible coupe.  It was sold new by the Smith Motor Company of Hanover, Pennsylvania to a pair of single sisters who owned it until about 2000.

This vehicle has been involved in The Great Race, an annual rally race across the country, since 2012.