Traveler Special

Body Style:

Four-door sedan


Inline six-cylinder, 115 hp, 226 CID


3-speed manual


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Body Construction:

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Exterior Color:


Interior Color:


More Information:

Kaiser-Frazer was a new name plate to Americans after WWII, the company was formed as a completely new company, but their purchase of Graham-Paige gave them equipment and experience they lacked. Master ship builder Henry J. Kaiser teamed up with salesman Edgar Frazer to build this new brand during the post-war car sales boom. Kaiser was the less expensive of the two brands, yet they were very solid cars, well designed and built. Power came from an in-line 6 cylinder engine adapted for automobile use from the Continental industrial engine. The 1951 models were a completely new body, and met with great success with the public. Sitting lower than any comparable offering from the competitors and having more glass area than the competition brought buyers back, as the competition from the big three increased as they brought out their post-war models.

Note: This vehicle is currently not on display at the museum.