The newest arrival! 1911 Oldsmobile Autocrat “Yellow Peril”

Published: August 29, 2017

1911 Oldsmobile Autocrat

Stop in the museum and see the latest addition!  A 1911 Oldsmobile Autocrat nicknamed “Yellow Peril”, this brass racer was purchased new in 1911 by John Henry Greenway Albert.  The Autocrat was the “junior” model of the Olds Limited but it was not its junior by much, the T-head four was essentially a Limited engine but with two less cylinders, being capable of displacing 500 cubic inches, and the tires spanned 38 inches across.  This vehicle has participated and won many races in it’s time and has toured many areas across the US.  Yellow Peril retains its original engine, drivetrain, and its original racing bodywork.  The “mother-in-law” seat was added in later years.

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